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Draw In The Tenants With A Clean View

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Exterior Apartment Cleaning

We are ready to tackle all the grime, dirt, algae growth of your apartment building complex. Does it seem challenging to attract tenants? You need to keep your apartment building neat and clean to grab the attention of the lodgers.

Everyone wants a fresh environment near their residence. What if the apartment building itself seems unsightly?

Mid Atlantic Mobile Wash is here with the topnotch solutions. We use the best in class equipment and cleaners to flush away every piece of dirt and contaminants. Our trained workers will clean balconies, driveways, sidings, pool area and a whole apartment complex without spoiling the look.

Expert Techniques

Keep your apartment building in its pristine image. Don’t you want to make some extra profits? Our apartment building cleaning services will lessen the need of repairs and reduce your maintenance costs. We have enough resources and workers to clean a huge complex with efficiency.

Our cutting-edge pressure washing technique will wash away pollutants, dirt and remove black streaks. Therefore, you will get a nicely cleaned apartment building just as pretty as a new one. No matter how old or dirty they are, we always have a better approach for different cases.

If you are an apartment building owner, you will need our help more than anyone else. A filthy building keeps away the visitors and reduces the property value. Do you want to enhance the looks as well as the value of your building complex? Why not, try us! Mid Atlantic Mobile Wash is always ready to help, get your free quote today!

Our Services

We will wash away dirt particles, remove unsightly streaks and prevent the unhealthy growths on the surface to boost the curb appeal of your property.

Roof Cleaning

Our effective washing approach can clean your roof with maximum efficiency. With our powerful cleaning formula and sensible washing techniques, we can prevent the growth of buildups and save you from roof-replacement for years.

House Washing

A dirty exterior is as unwanted as a dirty interior. Your home is your comfort zone no matter how big or small it is. Mid Atlantic Mobile Wash is ready to be your helping hand.

Pressure Washing

The strongest of stains and contagious organisms cannot stand against the pressure washing. We apply appropriate soft washing and power washing methods according to your needs.

Window Cleaning

It is dangerous to get to a high place to clean the windows of the upper stories. Even if you somehow manage to clean them, do you know how to clean them correctly? That is why you need our help!

Graffiti Removal

Unwanted graffiti cannot make your life troublesome anymore. You have Mid Atlantic Mobile Wash on your side. Try our affordable graffiti removal service and see how we clean them without wearing and tearing your walls. 

Apartment Building Cleaning

Stopped getting new tenants? All the apartment building owners should keep their complex neat and clean. You alone can’t do so. If you need the help of the professionals, call our friendly team.

Happy Customers

"Thank you Mid-Atlantic Mobile Wash for doing an excellent job pressure washing our house, walkways, and pool area! Everything looks so clean! Now, we're ready for summer!!!" - Diane N.


"They have always done a great job for us & we always refer them to anyone who is looking for power washing or deck staining" - Jessica F.


"On-time and a great job couldn’t be any happier thanks again" - Joe W.


"Colin was great to work with. He power washed my white painted fence, all concrete driveways, patio, brick steps, windows, and shutters. He did an excellent job. I was concerned about chemical splatters on my siding and paint being peeled off my fences because this had happened in the past. But Mid-Atlantic did a perfect job with absolutely no damage! I would recommend Colin and his crew to anyone!" - Penny R.


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